I am a full time creative director, photographer, and recipe curator. Partnerships with new or legacy brands in the social, print, and event space is my specialty. Food is my passion as is bringing beauty to my followers and partners via interior design projects, lifestyle work, photography, or curating recipes.

My client list includes brands like Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Marriott Hotels and many more.

When I am not working with partners on location, I am experimenting with in-season locally grown ingredients in my kitchen or taking photos of new creations in my studio. No matter what I am doing at any given moment, I do it with intention. This value is at the core of everything I do, and it’s also the foundation of the creative food & photography workshops I teach.

Food styling & Photography 

The art behind a plated dish is best portrayed in all of its beauty when combined with the right aesthetic, then being captured through an impeccable lens. No matter the complexity of your need, I am here for you to help represent your product to its full potential.



Your product is amazing; you believe it and now its time to have others catch on. 

How you visually portray your product is the key to success and I can help you do that in a fresh and exciting way in a setting that will match the look and feel you're aiming to represent.

creative workshops

I am passionate about traveling and teaching my craft worldwide and am keen on collaborations both locally and abroad.

This service is available  for group size classes or in a 1 on 1 live or online teaching environment.